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Toekini Beispiel
Toekini Beispiel
Toekini Beispiel
Toekini Beispiel
Toekini Beispiel
Toekini Beispiel

Exclusive Production

Handcrafted in Germany

Every pair of TOEKINI« is exclusively handmade and manufactured in Bavaria/Germany.

All designs are individually created by Wilma Enser and each new prototype is personally worn by the designer to ensure wearing comfort and colour compatibility. We can therefore guarantee, that every new model fulfills the highest TOEKINI« standard.

Trademark and Design Patent

The brand TOEKINI« is a registered trademark and TOEKINI« foot jewellery is a registered design.


Dreams for your Feet

Specially selected gemstones of the highest quality combined with breathtaking Swarovski Chrystals form the core of every pair of TOEKINI«. In addition unusual components made from glass, brass, silver and gold plate, are incorporated into our creations, resulting in a truly unique piece of jewellery.

The High-Tech silicon thread is specially manufactured in Germany for the gem industry and can take a mechanical stretch capacity of 6 Kg. It is so smooth and soft that you can hardly feel it, yet strong and durable for longlasting comfort and satisfaction.

It is important to us that everyone can enjoy TOEKINI«, even those with nickel allergies. Therefore we only use precious metals and high class alloys to ensure that all surfaces are 100% nickel free.

This is why TOEKINI« is also suitable for people who suffer from allergies.

Furthermore, TOEKINI« is absolutely waterproof, durable and easy to clean with warm water.


Gemstones, besides their beauty and uniqueness, are thought to have great positive energetic effects on their bearer. For example, every zodiac sign has at least one associated gemstone. You decide for yourself how important this is for you.


In order to provide the perfect pair of TOEKINI« for every style and taste, we have a large assortment of colours across our range.
To help you choose the right colour, we have created 7 groups which summarize the different colour categories. They include:
Ocean, Sunrise, Savannah, Purple Sky, Crystal, Lava and Forest

Special Requests / Unique Creations

Please don`t hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in unique and special creations.